1- I have a BANDEC card given to me by my employer, which I use to collect my monthly wages in CUP at the ATMs. Can I recharge this card myself, that is, deposit money in it?

No problem at all, you can increase your account in CUP and in CUC, whichever way you deem convenient, either through cash deposits, transfers, or from abroad.

2- I am a BANDEC client and I have a Multibanca card. My question is: can I have another BANDEC card to operate with my Multibanca card?

Yes. The electronic platform Kiosco BANDEC offers you the option to create new registrations for new cards while operating with the same Multibanca card. This is also possible with Transfermóvil.

3- Could you please explain how to access my BANDEC account with the Transfermóvil app.

To interact with Kiosco BANDEC, Transfermóvil and Telephone banking payment channels, you must have a Multibanca card. You can request this card at the BANDEC branch where you have your accounts. Clients must use this card to authenticate themselves, whenever they perform operations in any of the services using it. The card is associated with each client and not with the service. You can use it interchangeably in any of the electronic channels.

4- I am writing to you because I would like to know where I must go to request a magnetic card.

You must go to any BANDEC branch and request the opening of a savings account on a magnetic card format in CUP (Cuban pesos) or in CUC (Cuban convertible)(more information on this page).

5- I have a magnetic card savings account at BANDEC in CUC and CUP. Can I give the account data to someone who wants to send me money in Cuba?

Of course! However, we advise you to consult the list of BANDEC correspondent banks (on this page) so you can decide which is the best option for you, depending on the country from where you expect to receive the transfer

6- I would like to request a credit to purchase cooking utensils, should I go first to the bank or to the store to ask for an invoice?

First, you must go to the bank and request financing. Once your request has been approved, you can go to the store to reserve the product or products you wish to purchase. After this step has been concluded, you must return to the bank with the pre-invoice issued by the store, to request a cashier’s check. The store will reserve the merchandise up to a period of five days.

1- I am an official from a state company in the process of the managerial improvement. We would like to increase the profitability of funds that are temporarily free in our current account. What should we do?

You can open a Term Deposit account in CUP, at the BANDEC branch where you conduct your operations. The minimum amount is 20.000 pesos, with an annual interest rate of 1.0%, regardless of the terms established of 90, 180, 270 or 365 days.

2- My company was authorized to purchase raw materials abroad. We need to know how to make the payment.

You must go to the BANDEC branch where your company operates and request the issuance of an importation letter of credit, for which you must guarantee a backing in CUC, through the following variants:

  • Letter of credit with deferred payment: escrow account to deposit x% of the sales revenue.
  • Letter of credit at sight (with a letter of liquidity), and financing to back the issuance of the letter of credit.
  • If you are not a BANDEC client, you must have sufficient liquid resources available in your current account to create a collateral deposit for 100% of the exchange value in CUC, equivalent to the value of the letter of credit.
3- What electronic banking services does BANDEC offer state?

“Virtual BANDEC” is an instrument available to enterprises, which allows them to operate accounts, without the holder having to physically appear at the bank for queries and different operations (see this page). In the case of the employees of the company, if the payroll is directly deposited and magnetic cards are delivered, the holders can operate them through our Kiosco BANDEC platform, Transfermóvil (see this page) or they can use the cards to purchase in the commercial network and to withdraw cash at ATMs.

1- Where can TCP’s open a current account to operate their business?

At a BANDEC branch located in the municipality of your fiscal (legal) residence, according to your Identity Card. In other words, in the municipality where you are registered at the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT I Spanish) Taxpayer Registry.

2- What documents does a TCP require to open a Current Account?

Identification document; official document that authorizes a natural person to engage in the activity of a self-employed worker and the taxpayer card issued by the ONAT,which contains your tax identification number.

3- How does a TCP operate a Current Account?

These accounts can operate with either a checkbook associated to a RED Debit Card, or with the payment instruments stipulated in the Tax Collection and Payment Resolution. They can also be used as means of payment for the accounts associated with the RED Debit Card (on this page).

4- How can I as a TCP, request financing for my business?

To finance your business, you can obtain loans for working capital and investments (see requirements on this page).