Electronic Banking

Kiosco BANDEC is another electronic channel offered by BANDEC to natural persons, both to clients and to their own workers, at all levels, to carry out their personal operations. This channel allows them to electronically access the services referenced below, from their own phones or computers, without the need of going to the bank or accessing an ATM.

Clients who do not have Multibank Cards, or who have still not received one after having applied, can access the following basic services, which do not imply accounting, since they are basically for consultations:

  • For information regarding the balance of the card used for registration, and the last operations made.
  • To consult the limits established for it, daily and per operation.
  • To access the applicable Exchange Rate for conversion of a given sum, both for purchasing and selling.
  • Information on the last 10 service payments, and /or transfer operations made, including the payment of a particular invoice paid without having been contracted.

If the client has contracted a payment channel, therefore applied for a Multibank Card, the client will have a one month grace period to make the inquiries described above (considering the time required for their issuance, distribution and receipt), after which the card will have to be authenticated.

  • Information on the balance, the last operations and the limits of all the client’s card accounts.
  • Modify the daily limit when necessary (this modification is valid for only 24 hours).
  • Make transfers to other accounts of the RED Card, whether it´s BANDEC or other Banks, both in Cuban pesos and in CUC.
  • Contract service payments such as:
    • Electricity
    • Telephone
    • Regular Bank Transfers
    • Payments to the National Tax Administration (ONAT).
  • Make the payments of the services mentioned, whether they have been previously contracted or not, from any of your accounts, applying the currency exchange rate of CADECA (Exchange House, according to its Spanish acronym) when necessary.
  • In the case of ETECSA (Cuban Telephone Company), to pay the bills for services rendered in CUC, both through a RED Debit Card in CUP, applying the currency exchange rate of CADECA, or through one in CUC that has been previously registered.
  • Information on the updated balance of all your accounts at BANDEC (of any of the savings modes, including fund formation, personal credits, etc.).
  • Increase the balance of your fund formation account through bank transfers from your card account. Inverse operations will soon be available, i.e. receiving amounts in your card accounts from your fund formation account.
  • Amortize your own personal credits or of other holders with loans from BANDEC or other Banks in the system.
  • Change your personal identification number (PIN) of the Multibank card.
  • Update your profile information, such as email address, phone and personal phrase.
  • You can download the latest version of the “Transfermóvil” app.
  • Soon the client, using this payment channel, will be able to directly printout the Multibank card and link it to one or more accounts.
  • Will always have at their disposal, and at no one else’s, any type of balances of their accounts.
  • Will not have to go to a BANDEC branch or ATM to pay their bills, other obligations or to transfer funds.
  • Can pay the services of family or friends.
  • If they are holders of RED Cards in both currencies, they may pay for services using the currency of their preference, provided both are registered.
  • Can exchange the currency between the cards, without the need to go to CADECA or an ATM.
  • Will not incur in the phone expenses required for these transactions if they were made through Telephone Banking.
  • Possibility to increase the balance of their savings account or fund formation account, without having to go to the bank.
  • Amortize personal credits or those of family or friends.
  • If clients wish to include a new service or cancel one that has been contracted, due to changes in the client’s identifier, or for other reasons, the clients may do so from their own phone or computer, without having to go to the bank.
  • Through the option “Last operations” the client will be periodically informed of the operations made in their RED Debit Card account, whether they were requested or not by the client, and without having to ask the bank to issue a Financial Statement or pay commissions for this service.
  • Through the option of the “Last 10 payments for service and/or transfers issued” clients will receive a summary of the payments made, recall the dates of each one, control their costs by comparing the bills paid, etc.

For the purpose of facilitating the payment of services for the population, the Banco de Crédito y Comercio offers the clients its BANTEL service.

Those interested in using this service must have a magnetic strip card in Cuban pesos issued by BANDEC, to request the service of BANTEL at any BANDEC branch. They will be given a card with a personal identification number (PIN) and the No. of the card that will identify them when communicating with the Call Center.

With just one call to 7867-1996 in Havana and 080201996 in other provinces, the client can initially pay the following services:

  • Phone
  • Electricity

The call can be placed from any phone, either private or public, and allows the client to pay more than one bill, belonging to the client or to someone else; charged to the magnetic card of the person requesting the service, provided there is sufficient balance.

When calling, the operator will ask for your card number, and then in a random manner, the digits of the PIN number, and will also request a number of your matrix, in order to verify the authenticity of the caller. Afterwards, the operator will ask for the code of your bills, the first time only, since this information will remain recorded for subsequent payments.

  • Call 7867-1996 in Havana and 080201996 in other provinces,Monday through Sunday from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
  • Give your personal identification number.
  • List the payments you would like to make, or services you wish to pay.
  • Provide the code of the bills.
  • When completing the transaction, you will be informed if the payment is registered.
  • You may receive written proof through the ATM, by requesting the option RECOVER RECEIPTS OF PAYMENTS, in the menu, and then select the PRINT option.
  • Easy access
  • Only need a regular phone line.
  • Immediacy.
  • Security.

Virtual BANDEC is an instrument which enables clients to operate their own accounts and contract other services from their office or home, 24 hours a day, without having to go to the bank.

  • Consult financial statements.
  • Consult the availability of funds.
  • Pay their taxes (ONAT).
  • Transfer funds.
  • Consult operations of the account on one day.
  • Recover receipts.
  • Request a checkbook.
  • Multiple transfer operations.
  • Operating System: Windows or more advanced.
  • Any Browser.
  • For telephone access through the ETECSA public platform, all you need is: a land line and an internal or external modem.
  • Easy access
  • Immediacy
  • Reliability
  • Security

If you are interested in this service, please visit the BANDEC branch serving your entity. You will receive the necessary documentation for your application. Virtual BANDEC, the ideal solution for our clients regarding banking operations and information; it optimizes your time.